Hosoo Client Care Volunteer

Hosoo at work in Client CareTell us about yourself.
I’m a student at the University of Toronto majoring in neuroscience and nutritional science. I’m graduating this year and plan to go into the healthcare profession.  In my spare time I also do a lot of physical activity, like taekwondo.

How did you hear about Hope Air?
Two years ago I was browsing through postings related to healthcare services on the U of T careers website. Hope Air had an opening for a Client Care summer student, which I eventually became. Last year I decided to come back as a volunteer once a week to help out.

What about volunteering here appealed to you?
The opportunity to develop my communication skills while helping people in need.  

What do you do in your role?
I volunteer in the Client Care department. I confirm travel request information with patients and I confirm information with doctors’ offices – like the appointment date, if the patient is fit to fly, if they need an escort for medical reasons. I also call patients with their travel details once the flight is booked. Those are the most fun calls. It’s really uplifting—people are so relieved and grateful, you can’t help but smile. It feels really good.

What do you like the most about volunteering here?
Knowing that I’m helping others in a big way. I find being here rewarding.

What’s been most memorable? What’s surprised you?
One summer a group of volunteers went to a Blue Jays game together and we got to sit in WestJet’s private box, at an outing sponsored by WestJet. That was cool.

I didn’t know access to healthcare in Canada was such a big issue. Now I realize so many people living outside of major cities have to get to medical appointments with a specialist and don’t always have the finances to get there.

I think what I got out of this whole experience is the understanding that healthcare shouldn’t be something people have to be stressed out over just because of financial issues. They shouldn’t be prevented from accessing the healthcare they need. It should be available to everyone. That’s something I strongly believe in.