Board of Directors

Rohit Joshi
I’m excited to share my expertise in digital health to help support patients with Hope Air. Improving access to care for all Canadians, no matter their location, is an important mission that aligns perfectly with our work at Brightsquid and is so necessary for the sustainability of public health care in Canada.

Rohit Joshi is the co-founder and CEO of Brightsquid Secure Communications Corp, Canada’s leading compliant communications services provider for the healthcare industry. His background in medical science and law have helped overcome significant regulatory challenges to enable patient centered communication and virtual care. With a legal background in the use of technology for compliant communications, Rohit has led the proliferation of digital connections between healthcare providers and patients by solving the privacy requirements unmet by modern communications. Serving over 200,000 patients, healthcare providers and staff in North America, usage of the Brightsquid secure system continues to soar.  

Rohit has been working in software and digital security in North America for over 25 years. He has deep insights into the life sciences sector, experience creating operational efficiencies, and developing compliant communications strategies – all of which have driven the fast-paced growth of Brightsquid. Rohit speaks regularly to audiences across North America about the importance of privacy compliance, the advancement of digital health, and how to improve healthcare with public private partnerships for innovation.