Columbia Basin Trust

Since 2014, we are fortunate to partner with Columbia Basin Trust, which is generously providing $50,000 per year in support of Hope Air. 

The Trust supports programs dedicated to the social, economic, and environmental benefit of people living in the Canadian portion of the Columbia Basin, located in southeastern British Columbia.

The Hope Air flights made possible with the Trust’s contributions are arranged for residents of the Columbia Basin region – people of all ages and with a wide range of health concerns.
"We have seen our contribution have a positive impact, and that benefit is what drives our continued support."

“This support helps people who, in addition to the stress and immediacy of medical issues, also have to worry about the financial burden of getting to the facilities that can help them. We have seen our contribution have a positive impact, and that benefit is what drives our continued support,” said Wayne Lundeberg, Director, Delivery of Benefits, Columbia Basin Trust.

With this significant investment in the local community, Columbia Basin Trust directly impacts families in financial need who need to travel far from home for specialist treatment.  Many residents of the region benefit from the Trust’s generosity, and we’re grateful for their valued support.