CAA Club Group


CAA Club Group has been supporting Hope Air since 2016, helping more Canadians access medical care far from home. Since 2018, Hope Air has also been the beneficiary of CAA’s Annual Charity Golf Tournament which has funded over 1,400 flights for patients who need to travel for healthcare.

CAA’s Hope Air story starts with CAA Club Group’s President & CEO Jay Woo, who saw an ad for Hope Air one day while reading COPA Flight magazine. Jay signed up to be a volunteer pilot and quickly became invested in Hope Air and its mission. He also sits on the Board of Directors at Hope Air.
"Hope Air directly helps people. You feel like you are donating to a corporation when you donate to other charities. At Hope Air, you have a small team of staff and 160 volunteers – you’re very efficient. You touch people directly."

In addition to flying clients to and from their appointments in his private aircraft, he started talking about Hope Air on social media and attending Hope Air events. Soon, Jay was spreading the word about Hope Air to his colleagues at CAA Club Group. “I kept talking about Hope Air at our events and town halls and people became interested and started donating themselves and looking for ways that they could help,” says Jay.

Every day, CAA Club Group is focused on the safety of Canadians – on the road, in their homes and throughout their travels. They know how dangerous winter driving conditions can be and how important it is for their Members to feel like they are never alone during their travels.

That’s why CAA Club Group’s support of Hope Air is a natural fit. Patients getting to medical appointments safely, without spending hours or days in transit in cars or on busses in unpredictable driving conditions, is important to Hope Air. Thanks to CAA Club Group’s support, Hope Air is helping more Canadians access medical care far from home.