Bonnie Fort Frances, ON

Hope Air helps Northern Ontario woman in breast cancer battle

Bonnie2.jpgAs Bonnie stood in her hometown of Fort Frances, ON waiting for her prescription to be filled at the local pharmacy, her mind was spinning with questions. Oncology tests had just detected a serious illness and the second most common cause of cancer death in Canadian women – breast cancer.

There was a major barrier to getting treatment. Doctors told her she would have to travel to either Winnipeg or Thunder Bay from her small mining town for high-energy radiation, a four or five hour drive each way. She felt stuck between a rock and a hard place.

“I was trying to figure out my life and the logistics of having to leave my hometown to travel for medical treatment all alone.”

Bonnie felt that she could probably drive one way, but was worried that her radiation treatments would leave her too drained for a trip home. Air travel was another option, as she could fly from the Fort Frances Municipal Airport to Winnipeg or Thunder Bay, but flying would be expensive.

A chance meeting with a friend of hers at that pharmacy where Bonnie was waiting for her prescription offered the answer. When Bonnie shared her medical news about facing tough travel choices for cancer treatment, her friend suggested she get in touch with Hope Air.

“I had never heard of Hope Air. Staff put me at ease and guided me through the process. They were able to book my flight and send me an itinerary to get me safely to the Thunder Bay hospital and home again.”

“What a relief, having a four-hour drive each way cut down to a little over an hour. I could focus on my health and recovery rather than on the road.”

Bonnie had surgery to remove her cancer in November 2018, and after receiving radiation treatments into the summer of 2019, and is now doing well. 
Hope Air saved me from a big stress in my life, and they provide such an important service for all Canadians. 

“If I had to contact Hope Air in the future I would not hesitate. Hope Air saved me from a big stress in my life, and they provide such an important service for all Canadians. For anyone I talk to with a medical dilemma, I always recommend Hope Air. I cannot thank them enough.”

“I always tell anyone willing to listen to me that if they want to make a difference in the life of Canadian families, then donate to Hope Air. It can save a precious life."