Volunteer pilot team leads fall fundraising expedition for Hope Air

lee-(2).jpgThe married volunteer pilot team of Lee Arsenault and Marilyn Staig – who have already volunteered countless hours to fly patients – are finding additional ways to support Hope Air.
Lee and Marilyn are leading a five-day expedition to raise money for Hope Air, and they have issued a challenge for other Hope Air volunteer pilots to join the expedition or donate.
“These patients need to get to medical care and it has made me think about how else I could help,” says Lee.
The team is now busy recruiting pilots for Give Hope Wings: The Sault to Saguenay. The pilots will fly through Northern Ontario and Quebec from September 30 to October 4, 2020 and make several stops along the way including Sudbury and Timmins.
Hope Air expects as a result of the economic fall-out from COVID-19, many more families will be living on a low income and struggle to get to medical care. This expedition aims to raise enough funds to provide 400 patient flights.

Lee knows first-hand how much flights help patients in financial need. He has never forgotten a flight he piloted with a mother and child from Sudbury who needed reach Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.

The child was five months old but only weighed 10 lbs. due to birth complications. I will never forget how appreciative this young mother was for a free flight. She gave Marilyn and me a thank you card and warm hugs. It is moments like this that make our missions flying patients so rewarding.
The couple has flown many missions like this over the last four years as volunteers for Hope Air.
“Marilyn and I, along with Brian Huston, another volunteer pilot with Hope Air, are all doing what we can to make sure patients get the care they need.”
Do you want to help Lee and Marilyn?
You can help patients get to medical care by supporting Lee’s Give Hope Wings campaign here.
Other ways you can help
Are you inspired by Lee and Marilyn and wondering how you could lead an effort to help patients too?
Set up your own fundraising page or run an event to help Hope Air patients.
You could organize a yoga class with friends, undertake a 100-hole golf marathon, organize a sweet treat drop in your neighbourhood or use your own special talent to help others. Set up your own page and collect support from friends and family here. Every $250 raised flies one patient to much needed medical care.